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My SNEAKER story Ever since I was a young kid, I remember my friends asking me that why can’t I wear some “nice girly shoes”, because they used to wear cute sandals and fancy yet comfy shoes. Sometimes, some of them even came to tution classes wearing high heels.And I was a sneaker child, always.TheContinue reading


I am totally finished.. beyond redemption… Glued to my mobile and a person … Social media was always designed for this. This is the worst form of addiction I have had in my life. Worse than even computer games and other worldly addictions… both of which had grave consequences in my life. I feel restlessContinue reading “Addiction”

What matters

If you catch yourself begging someone for….. Human decency?? A response ?? Time together?? Clarity??respect?? Compassion??or even kindness or whatso ever love Or whatever whatever whatever??????? You need to take a step back and realize that you are begging someone for the bare minimum and that’s totally totallly ridiculous……..

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